Dedicated to all of you

Post by Cristina G.


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three italian women, three hearts, three different ways of looking at the world

11 risposte a “Dedicated to all of you

  1. Uno spazio dell’infinito! Molto bella 🙂 Ciao

  2. Reblogged this on Eric M. Vogt: Life-Writings and commented:
    Please bring my ship to sheltered bay
    where sails are ‘ever furled,
    a gentle place, a placid way
    upon the deck to curl.

    My love is there, we have no care,
    the sun shines ‘pon the hill
    where lives can be all that they dare
    as long as there’s the will.

    Eric M. Vogt, Copyright 2013

  3. gyanfry

    L’ha ribloggato su gefry777.


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