Bouquet of flowers

Post by Cristina G.


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three italian women, three hearts, three different ways of looking at the world

13 risposte a “Bouquet of flowers

  1. Nice sunny contrast between the blue sky and the flowers.

  2. Reblogged this on Eric M. Vogt: Life-Writings and commented:
    She touched finger to her lip,
    “Shhh…get down! Now! Come with me—quick!”
    Then sweet girl giggled in that way
    That made me love her to this day
    as she grasped my hand in her own.
    We ran into bushes overgrown
    and ducked under a canopy
    of tropic’s flowers and then we
    in breathless, senseless throw of arms
    collapsed beneath cluster of charms
    and loved each other endlessly.

    Eric M. Vogt, Copyright 2013

    *****Check out Cristina’s photos! Those three girls have an eye for art! 🙂


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