Il nome della rosa



Post by Maria Pia M.


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three italian women, three hearts, three different ways of looking at the world

18 risposte a “Il nome della rosa

  1. I love this photo! It would make a great print or card.

  2. So beautiful, girl! 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Eric M. Vogt: Life-Writings and commented:
    Maria’s Lover

    Maria’s lover waits on high,
    her blossom full, in sway of wind
    that pits her passions with her sin
    of youthful bloom… Which way to lie?
    We build such castles in the sky
    to lift our spirits, fully live;
    how swift our dreams of youth go by
    to take more than they truly give.

    Eric M. Vogt, Copyright 2013

  4. justmusing

    This is a unique photo in my humble opinion.. There is something to it that makes (me) feel in a I am waiting for the next scene ; ) better be with a happy ending…; )

    • I will be impartial, but I appreciate so much your humble opinion;) every moment can be a picture that, in turn, might suggest to the frame of a movie. and, believe me, like you, I dream of a happy ending 🙂 thanks! 🙂

  5. There are a zillion jpgs of flowers on the net. This one is special in the way you make use of light and composition. Well done. Dave

    • your comment makes me very proud. I’m not a professional photographer and I do not have good equipment. I took this picture with a simple compact machine. I like to think that it is a photo taken with the heart than with the lens. thanks 🙂

  6. A photo taken with the heart than with the lens! Wow. Very apt words! This photo has 3-D depth too without technical support. I am photography-illiterate, still I can say this.


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