Close encounters

Post by Maria Pia M.


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three italian women, three hearts, three different ways of looking at the world

6 risposte a “Close encounters

  1. You girls come up with the most intriguing photographs! Italian cows blocking the road. If your car hit one, I believe that the cow would win! 😀 Can’t wait for your next photo, ladies!

    PS- I must share something with you. Last night I had a dream that has been confirmed by your photo (lol). I was in a restaurante. It may have been in Italy, but I think not. Hopefully. In the middle of the dining area was a large clear bowl of vegetables and broth, the main course. But here’s the reason for my comment: A fellow patron waiting for the concoction to get cooked took note of a very strange ingredient flopping around in the middle, a cow! “Oh, it’s still alive!” she screamed in disbelief and pity. I, indeed shared the sentiments of this outraged lady.

    In the Bible, Joseph had a dream about cows eating each other and a terrible drought occurred in Egypt and beyond. My question for you girls (since you are three Italian women, I believe you eminently qualify to be Shakespearean soothsayers): Do you think my dream bodes bad portents? Should I heed it and become a vegan? Let me know, girls. I need some help here. Lololololololol! Eric

    • Dear Eric, knowing that our photos are in line with your dreams is an honor. But from the top of my (I am the author of the photo) Shakespearean wisdom, I wonder and I ask you: rather than an invitation to veganism, is not that the dream is due to a decrease in protein :)? Think about it and let me know . A good steak never refuses;)!

  2. A Connoisseur of Life

    When I read “Close Encounters”, I expected something a bit more risqué. LOL. But if you’re driving down the road and one of these little fellas gets in the way…it certainly would be a close encounter!

  3. photo très amusante, elles font de l’auto-stop :-))


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